What is the Difference between ISO 9001 and GMP?

Pharmaceutical, medical, and healthcare companies are in highly regulated industries and need to follow, and be in compliance with, the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). One element of compliance is proper labeling procedures. The use of quality control labels can be an important tool to for a manufacturer to stay in compliance.

Quality systems are an important part of most businesses, including the drug and healthcare industries, food industries, and cosmetic industry (hair, nail, and skincare). Quality systems help ensure that these companies follow an accepted standard of quality during the planning and manufacturing process of their products. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversees these good manufacturing practices. For companies that produce products internationally, compliance programs are often guided by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Quality management benefits companies by ensuring that their products are safe and unadulterated. ISO is a process that focuses on measurement, monitoring, controlling, and improvement. When a company measures these objectives, the effectiveness of the system is greatly improved.

GMP’s focus on accuracy, and often specifically on product labeling. For manufacturing processes, procedures and facilities specific standards are set in place. Failure to properly label can result in both business fines and penalties as these regulations are enforceable by law.

How can your business stay compliant?

The first step for any business during the manufacturing process is to avoid cross-contamination. Errors in the workplace can cost a business time and money. Keep locker rooms, cafeterias, and washrooms separated from manufacturing areas. Make sure to have a controlled temperature environment to protect the integrity of your products. Practice good housekeeping, sanitation, and maintenance to minimize contamination, mix-ups, and errors. Most importantly, make sure that your employees and staff are properly trained on quality control and GMP principles.

We can help your business can stay in compliance with our quality control labels. We provide many types of caution, waste, materials, status and custom labels. Each category of label has several different sub types. For example, caution labels include expiration date labels, biohazard labels, and cryogenic labels. We offer many shapes, sizes, and colors. We are Certified under ISO 9001 and our practices meet GMP standards.

If you need lab labels, medical device labels, or regulatory labels we have a variety of materials available that are moisture, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, and can stand up through many other harsh conditions. We can even design, print, and ship custom GMP label orders. Call our label specialists and tell us what conditions you have, and we can help you pick the appropriate materials for your custom label.

We understand the labeling requirements of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. We back our labeling products with our experience and knowledge that will help you select the right products to achieve compliance with GMP regulations and ISO requirements. Whether you are manufacturing pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, or any other product that is for human use, GMP Labeling wants to be your labeling partner and help you stay compliant with both GMP and ISO requirements.

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